Founder, PSP Angels (Cyprus)

FIAT for Crypto - Tips ​on How to Get Trusted Banking
​for Your Blockchain Projects


The presentation will shows how the banks think, and how the classic FIAT compliance works. The real life tips of how to get accepted by the biggest banks, and process payments with the lowest possible risk and fees will be given. It will be explained how to create a payment flow - where the money comes from, how much, how often, what currency, how to hedge or how to find the rich payment provider for your project. The presentation will be also focused to how to plan ahead and minimize the risk of getting account frozen or closed, and how to optimise the payment flow.

Short Biography

Mrs. Viktoria Soltesz is a founder of the payment consulting firm, PSP Angels, which helps online businesses optimising their payment flows and costs by finding the best payment and banking solutions. She is also the Partner of Oxygia, a boutique firm in Malta, which was created to improve the payments processing infrastructure for clients within the iGaming industries, specifically. Mrs. Soltesz is also running the finance and tax consulting firm in Cyprus for over 15 years now. She has the extensive experience with payment issues and high risk industries. Mrs. Soltesz is given to lecture at the University of West London and she is a regular speaker at iGaming, blockchain, fintech and investment conferences. She is also a member of the Directors Chambers.