Stephen Castell

CASTELL Consulting (UK)

Private Datapods and the Future Web 3.0
​Do Not Automatically Mean Blockchain


ICT and blockchain professionals should take care not to equate blockchain automatically with Web 3.0 (or vice versa). That is an incorrect equivalence. Blockchain is certainly one possible – often transactionally slow – architecture on which to base a Web 3.0 implementation. However, Sir Tim Berners-Lee's decentralized Web 3.0 concept is essentially unrelated to blockchain architecture. Rather, the Future Web 3.0 is, crucially, centred on the important idea of Private Datapods, stemming from fundamental concerns over personal data protection, addressing that users are disturbed by the accumulation of their data by such dominant digital economy giants as Facebook, Google and Amazon, and will embrace a new configuration that puts them in control. The Speaker’s own Zykme / ZykPass invention is a readily available working App compliant with this Web 3.0 Private Datapod fundamental design principle. It has an architecture and future development path intended to include inter alia potential addition of a blockchain based Zyktoken awarded to, and owned and tradeable by each Zykme / ZykPass user, implementing the author’s novel CapChere (Customer Corporation) IP and business ownership structure This is intended to create a socially useful fundamental and transformative re-purposing of traditional capitalism in which all are winners.

Short Biography

Dr. Stephen Castell CITP is an internationally acknowledged ICT consultant and expert. As an Expert Witness in computer software, systems, and technology disputes he has acted in a wide range of such actions, including the largest in the English High Court, and currently increasingly in blockchain and cryptocurrency matters. Widely published, he has been a Correspondent of the CLSR . With also a reputation in building multimillion pound businesses in communications, broadcasting, information, and software services, he was a pioneer of the OTC Share Market in the UK, assessing the financing of several hundred high-tech computer, software and telecommunications companies. He was founder Technical Director of the Luxembourg venture capital funded International Communications Technology Holdings SA, listed in London, and Chairman of its UK subsidiary Telephone Broadcasting Systems plc. Recently honoured with an interview for Archives of IT: … the people who influenced the development of IT in the UK.